Gay men, straight women have similar brains

Sign up for our newsletter Great science stories will soon be heading to your inbox every week! While the patterns Gay men not been proved to determine sexuality, the team now plan to carry out a study of newborn babies to investigate whether the trends can be used to predict future sexual orientation.

She said she could not explain why the differences were more pronounced in homosexual men than in homosexual women. Conversely, lesbians and straight men have asymmetrical brains, with the right hemisphere significantly larger than the left. We do not have extensive information about the brain processes that drive sexuality in either males or females.

Australia's Science Channel. Similar trends emerged when scientists tracked connectivity in the amygdala, the Gay men of the brain involved in emotional learning and in activating the Gay men response.

Gay men, straight women have similar brains

Верно! Это Gay men, straight women have similar brains

  • For example, the amygdalas of gay men had more in common with those of straight women — the two halves were well-connected, they had more neurons projecting from the left half as opposed to the right in straight men and these neurons connected to the same parts of the brain that those of straight women do.
  • Is that limited to particular areas, or is the entire brain female-like?
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  • For example, major depressive disorders are far more common and persistent in women, while autism is around four times more common in boys than girls.
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These connections provide some tantalising hints about how gay and straight people differ in their behaviour. Yemeni officials say rebel shelling kills 13 civilians. In animals, homosexuality in females is often attributed to an overabundance of male hormones — androgens — in the womb, while male homosexuality results from a lack of these.

A team at the Stockholm Brain Institute noticed the patterns after studying scans from 90 volunteers. For example, the right cerebral hemisphere in heterosexual men was cubic centimeters -- 12 cubic centimeters greater than the left side. Australia's Science Channel.

Gay men, straight women have similar brains
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